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Easy Steps To Planning a GREAT Party:


magician atlanta  # 1 - Pick A GREAT Theme !

magician atlanta  # 2 - Allow PLENTY Of Time For Planning & Shopping !
atlanta magician  # 3 - Ask For Assistance During The Party !
magician atlanta  # 4 - Plan LOTS Of Participation Events !
magician atlanta  # 5 - Remember EVERYONE Likes To Feel Special !
magician atlanta  # 6 - If you are hiring entertainment, choose CAREFULLY!

“After Performing at Birthday Parties for 25 Years ...
I'd Better Know Some Valuable Tips;-)
atlanta magician
Timing is everything.   If you are hiring an entertainer for your party, it is best to schedule their performance to begin a half-hour after the time printed on your invitations. This will allow for late-arrivals to get there, and will allow for children who came on time to get acclimated to your home and the party. This plan should serve to avoid people arriving in the middle of the show, insuring that every guest will have the most fun possible during the show.
atlanta magician
atlanta magician Opening Act.   During the first 30 minutes of your party, a simple game or fun activity will keep children busy while you await the arrival of all your guests. During this early part of your party, very young children are happy watching a fun children's video, or you can run a game like the age-old "pin the tail on the ..." (there are many that match party themes.) Of course older children know how to keep themselves busy when they first arrive. They are often very happy just playing with toys (or playing outside if weather allows), but you should consider providing some organized game or activity to assure that shy children, and guests who don't know everyone feel comfortable.
Don't do it all yourself.   Ask a relative, close friend, or the parent of one of your child's friends to assist you the day of the party. Many times that person will be happy to lend a hand playing games with the children, getting the children from one area to another throughout the party (from the play area to the performance area, to the eating area), and to help serve the meal and cake. atlanta magician
atlanta magician Eat and run.  Remember that children eat quickly (especially when they are excited to be at a party). Therefore, don't schedule a lot of time for the food portion of the party. It's most common that two hours is a great total amount of time for a children's party. magician atlanta
atlanta magician

Young "Guest of Honor" sometimes gets overwhelmed.   Be sure to give the birthday child some time to get used to all the attention. Most children looooove attention... but sometimes at their own birthday party, they get a little overwhelmed by all their friends and relatives, all the gifts, all the attention, all the noise, and all the action that comes with their special day. It will be beneficial to your child if you to have a brief conversation the night before about how their birthday party is a special day for them, but also that it will be their "job" as host of their party to make all of their young guests feel welcome, special, and happy to be part of their birthday celebration.

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magician atlanta

It's all in the planning.  After the children play or watch a video during the first 30 minutes, have an experienced, talented, REALLY funny full-time professional Birthday Party Magician entertain! To insure that section of your party is a huge success - pick up the phone right now and call (404) 630-1120 to schedule Magic Debbie today! If you are serving food, serve the meal immediately after the magic show. Then while the children are still at the table, serve the cake and ice cream. (If you are not serving a meal, cake and ice cream are best served immediately after the magic show!) If you plan to have your child open their gifts in front of their guests, that is usually done immediately after the cake. Then, send your guests home, take a deep breath that everything went smoothly, and relax and enjoy your family.

magician atlanta atlanta magician
atlanta magician
Worry-free planning.   Let's say you invite your guests for 11:00AM. Hire Magic Debbie to perform at 11:30. Her show will conclude at 12:30. The children will be all excited about the amazing magic, the laughs, and their balloon gifts, so they will be ready to eat. Invite them to have the meal (if you are serving one), if not, right after the magic show, serve the birthday cake. This will bring you to about 12:50. About 10 minutes of ripping open wrapping paper and looking at all the gifts, and the party's over by 1:00. If you've hired a Full One Hour show, you won't need to worry about planning elaborate games or activities. Less work for you, more fun for your guests, and LOTS more fun for your special birthday boy or birthday girl. Two hours of fun, food, festivities, and fabulous entertainment!
confetti Abracadabra!   Many parties I perform at have a complete magic theme, including magic-themed room decorations, birthday cake decorated with magical images such as playing cards or top hat, and of course magical party favors! A plastic top hat (available at almost every party store) with helium balloons on ribbon or some colorful glittery table decor sticking out of it makes a wonderful centerpiece. There are now beautiful lines of paper party products with very cool Magic Themes available online and at party stores including Party City! Throw some playing cards and curled metallic ribbon and/or some glitter on the table, and you've got instant magical decor. If you are going with a magic theme, it's most fun to give out a magic trick or magic set as your party favor. Magic Debbie can provide those if you so desire. atlanta magician
magician atlanta Just a few reminders.   1) Always confirm the time and details with the entertainer you hired one or two days before your party! Your child's birthday party is probably the only party you are hosting that week, but your performer will be entertaining at several parties that week! So, it's always better to be safe than sorry to make sure you're both "on the same page" about all the show arrangements and show time! :-)   2) Don't forget to buy fresh batteries or charge your digital camera battery, and of course charge your camcorder battery to insure you'll be able to capture all the special moments!  3) Don't forget to buy birthday candles and get some matches for the birthday cake (you'd be surprised how many parties I've been to where the parent carefully planned every last detail of their party, but forget the birthday candles!).  4) It's a great idea to buy a few extra party favors, just in case someone unexpected arrives, or the sibling of a guest stays with their parent and you want to treat them to the party favor.  5) Worry-free planning also means carefully searching to find the most experienced entertainer, someone who sounds like they care about your party, and sounds enthusiastic! confetti
atlanta magician Have Fun -- It's a Party!   I know that sounds obvious, but parents should always have a good time at their child's party too. Planning everything ahead of time, asking for help, and hiring a professional entertainer are just a few details that will guarantee that you will be able to relax and have lots of fun (and a chance to really participate) during your child's party! Also... don't stress out over the small stuff! Try to have fun with the children. I perform at some parties where the mother misses my show because she's in the kitchen cooking or preparing for the next segment of the party. There are so many special magical during my show, and so many opportunities for your birthday child to participate in the magic and be the star of the show, it always surprises me when their parent misses those magical moments! atlanta birthday party magician
Magic Debbie has been entertaining at children's birthday parties for more than 25 years! Her show is wonderful combination of silly comedy, LOTS of audience involvement that gets EVERYONE involved, amazing magic, colorful balloon animals for each child, and MANYopportunities for your cherished birthday child to "help make the magic happen!". Magic Debbie's show always creates a wonderful, fun, relaxed environment that will insure your party will be a FUN, magical, memorable success!
An Experienced Entertainer Knows How To Make Your Birthday Child Feel SPECIAL & Knows How To Make Your Party Memorable!
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