Easy Steps To Planning a GREAT Party:

# 1 - Pick A GREAT Theme!

# 2 - Allow PLENTY Of Time For Planning & Shopping!

# 3 - Ask For Help!

# 4 - Remember EVERYONE Likes To Feel Special!  

# 5 - If you're hiring entertainment, choose CAREFULLY!

Timing is everything.

If you hire an entertainer, schedule their show to begin a half-hour after your party invitation time.  This allows for late-arrivals, and for children who came on time to get acclimated to your home and party.  The goal is to avoid guests arriving during the show, so everyone can have the most fun possible.

Opening Act.

During those 30 minutes a fun activity, game, or craft will keep everyone busy.  Young children are happy watching a popular video, older children often keep themselves busy playing with toys (or outside if weather allows).  It's thoughtful to provide an activity so shy children (and guests who don't know everyone) feel comfortable.

Don't do it all yourself.

Ask a relative, friend, or parent of one of your child's friends to assist at the party.  They can help move guests from play area to performance area to eating area, and help serve the meal and cake.

Eat and run.

Children eat quickly at parties!  So don't schedule a lot of time for meal/cake.  2 hours is a great TOTAL time for a children's birthday party.

Young "Guest of Honor" sometimes gets overwhelmed.

Most children looooove attention... but sometimes they get a little overwhelmed by all of the friends, relatives, gifts, attention, noise, and activity.  It may be beneficial to your child if you have a conversation the night before about how the party is their special day, but also that it is their "job"  to make all their young guests feel welcome and happy to be part of the celebration!

Pizza, ice cream, and cake, oh my!

To be sure your party is a HUGE success have an experienced, amazing, really funny Birthday Party Magician entertain!  Immediately after the show serve the meal, then cake and ice cream.  If you are not serving a meal the cake should be served right after the show!  If you like gifts opened during the party, that should happen right after the cake.  Then send your guests home... be happy everything went smoothly... relax and enjoy your family.

Worry-free planning.

For example, if your invitation time is 11:00AM, hire Magic Debbie to start at 11:30.  Her show will conclude at 12:20.  Energized after all the amazing magic and laughs, children will be ready for cake!  Immediately after the show ask them to move to the table, where Magic Debbie will walk around making each young guest a colorful balloon animal gift (while they eat, if you are serving a meal).  Then serve the cake.  That brings you to about 12:50.  After 10 minutes of ripping open gifts, the party is over by 1:00.  If you've hired a seasoned pro who can keep even young children sitting still for a 45-50 minute show, you won't need to worry about planning other activities.  Less work for you, more laughter from your guests, and LOTS more fun for your birthday boy or birthday girl.  2 hours of fun, food, festivities, and fabulous entertainment!


A magic themed party is fun and easy.  A plastic top hat with magic wand and/or helium balloons on ribbons coming out of the hat is an easy magical centerpiece.  Paper plates and napkins with colorful magic theme are available online and at party stores.  Toss playing cards or curled metallic ribbon on the table, and you've got magical decor!  Of course it's fun to give small magic tricks as party favors.

Just a few reminders:

1) Confirm with your entertainer one or two days before the party.  Your child's party is likely the only one you are hosting that week, but your performer will entertain at many events that month.  So it's wise to make sure you're both "on the same page" about their arrival time and show start time.

2) Charge your phone/digital camera/camcorder battery to insure you'll be able to capture all the special moments.

3) Don't forget birthday candles (and matches or lighter) for the birthday cake.  You'd be surprised how many times I've observed a parent who planned carefully, but forget to buy birthday candles.

4) Have a few extra party favors just in case any siblings of invited guests stay with their parent or seem jealous during post-party pick up, and you want to include them.

5) Worry-free planning includes hiring the most experienced entertainer, someone who sounds enthusiastic about making your child feel special!

Have Fun, It's a Party!

Sit down and have fun with the children.  Many tricks are designed to make your birthday child the STAR of the show.  It always surprises me when a party host is in another room preparing for the next segment of the party and they miss those magical moments!

Magic Debbie has entertained at children's parties for more than 30 years!  Her show combines amazing magic, silly comedy, audience involvement that gets EVERYONE involved, colorful balloon animals, and MANY opportunities for your cherished birthday child to "help make the magic happen!"   Hiring Magic Debbie helps you rest assured that your child's party will be a FUN magical success!

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